Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Introduction to Solaborate

Solaborate is the new LinkedIn competitor to come along but this one has a lot of potential in that it offers a lot of the things I suggested to Linkedin back when it launched and they refused to do.  You can create polls, user groups, chat, all the things you need to connect and communicate with others.

It is still in beta so there are a few hiccups but overall its good. The big hiccup I found was that if you have more than 500 connections, which a lot of us Lions do then the LinkedIn import of connections does not work.  The alternative is to export your profiles as csv and then import however csv import times out if more than 500 in the file so you will need to split them into files of around
500 connections each.

As I find other hiccups, I will post them here and if a workaround is possible will post it too.

If you find any please email me at chris.williams@readwatchcreate.com and I will post them here.

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